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Chances of injuries are high if you run for a long time on a hard surface. Running involves your feet repetitively striking the ground , absorbing shock through your foot giving to your knees then hips and then lower back. Over time, the impact from running on hard surfaces can translate into increased injury risk.

Things to do:

Changing your running surface to soft surface like grassland or raw land.
Abrupt changes can be risky so notice your problems first before going on any conclusion.
If you are feeling pain while or after running take rest and apply ice packs on the affected area.
Walk before you run: Before your start a strenuous high impact activity such as jogging or running, try walking for a week.
Always do Warm up before working out , it gives your body a chance to recover from exercise.

That Fat Kid Is Obese, Not Cute

The Menace of being overfed and still being undernourished is also on the rise. Childhood obesity rates are seeing an alarming increase.
While the percentage of obesity among adults is 18 percent according to the WHO it is a shocking 30 percent among children. In Delhi alone 24.2 percent of school children were found obese in a recent study done by diabetes foundation of India.
The long term consequences anticipated are hypertension, diabetes, endocrinal disturbances, cancer, sleep disorders and behavioral problems , dental problems, growth injuries.

What All Should We Do ?

1. The best strategies is to improve the diet and exercise levels of your entire family .
2. Most important thing is don’t blindly restrict calories in a child’s diet, as this could adversely affect the child growth and development.
3. Just focus on balanced diets, healthy eating habits and active lifestyle patterns with moderate caloric restriction and cutting down unhealthy fat intake.
4. Restrict simple sugars, visible oils, junk foods, aerated drinks and meat.
5. Calcium can be supplemented by adding dark leafy vegetables, legumes like chick peas, almonds, soybean, sesame seeds and whole grains.
6. Parents who don’t eat healthy cannot expect the children to eat healthy as children are good learners they learn from you.
Most importantly : Make the child to firmly believe, that the pleasure of being trim and healthy is greater than the pleasure of eating unwisely. once this kind of self-hypnosis seeps in, then half the battle of the bulge is won.
From “The Tribune”