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About Us

SWASTH JEEVAN is a Health Rehabilitation Center Based on Plant based Nutrition/ China Study

We advised and suggest the ways to rehabilitate or Reverse your life-style diseases like Diabetes and Various Heart Diseases

We prescribe Diet Plans as an alternative to Traditional medicines such as Allopathy, Homeopathy to treat the problem pearmanently.

This reversal procedure is totally with No Medicines! No Harmful Supplements! No Surgery! No No expensive procedures.

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What Is Swasth Jeevan

To help people live a healthy life and prevent them from stucking in the vicious circle of medicine and their side effects.
Want to make people realize that inspite of their busy schedule they should spent some time on them self . Otherwise they will loose their most precious wealth That is their GOOD HEALTH.
Its just a matter of months that you need to follow our advice and as your disease get reversed then you can have whatever you want and follow us just 20%.