Project Description

A higher prevalence of anemia (59%) was observed in older people (>75 years of age) with diabetes attending an outpatient clinic Anemia prevalence increases with age, reaching up to 26% of the general older population (≥85 years of age), but is significantly higher in people with diabetes, reaching up to 78.6% of diabetic centenarians, confirming the contributing effect of diabetes to the prevalence of anemia Long duration of diabetes (>15 years), Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and older age (≥85 years) were the main predictors of anemia In the multiple logistic regression analysis, the effect of CKD on anemia prediction almost disappeared after adjustment for diabetes duration and older age which suggests that CKD acts as a mediator rather than a direct cause of anemia in older people with diabetes
Anemia is highly prevalent in older people with diabetes. Older age and duration of diabetes were identified as significant predictors of anemia, whereas CKD was found to act as a mediator rather than a direct cause.
In old aged people diabetes can cause anemia also which have its own side effects.