Project Description

A prepregnancy BMI >30 kg/m2 is associated with an increased risk of postpartum diabetes among women with GDM Patients with lower levels of education have higher fasting glucose levels at diagnosis Both, higher fasting glucose and higher prepregnancy BMI are linked to greater postpartum diabetes risk, suggesting that GDM patients least likely to follow up are also the patients at the highest risk for postpartum type 2 diabetes Race/ethnicity was not independently associated with postpartum follow-up, associations between racial/ethnic categories and the observed risk factors existed Average BMI at diagnosis was 33.3 kg/m2 for Hispanic/Latina and African-American patients and 31.0 kg/m2 for Caucasian patients (p<0.001) Conclusion: Postpartum follow-up for patients with GDM is essential to manage future disease risk. In a diverse, urban population of GDM patients at a major medical center, high fasting glucose, high BMI at diagnosis and low education level were associated with not following up in the endocrinology clinic after delivery; patients least likely to follow up are, therefore, also at greatest risk of GDM complications. Explanation: To treat and avoid further complications female with gestational diabetes should be on regular follow ups to doctor after delivery