Project Description

Exercise Snacking (ES) attenuated mean 3 h postprandial glucose concentration following breakfast (by 1.4 mmol/l, p=0.02). ES was more effective than Continuous Exercise (CONT) following dinner (0.7 mmol/l below CONT; p=0.04) ES also reduced 24 h mean glucose concentration by 0.7 mmol/l (p=0.01) and this reduction persisted for the subsequent 24 h (lower by 0.6 mmol/l vs CONT, relative to their baselines; p=0.01). CES was just as effective as ES (p>0.05 for all glycaemic variables) at improving glycaemic control.
Intense ‘exercise snacks’ before main meals is a time-efficient and effective approach to improve glycaemic control in individuals with insulin resistance.
A small exercise before main meals a day helps glycemic control and control insulin resistance.