Project Description

The incidence rate of diabetes among participants with no metabolic risk factors was 1.15, 2.10 and 4.34 cases per 1,000 person-years among lean, overweight and obese participants, respectively In a multivariable model adjusted for age, region of origin, family history of diabetes, physical activity, fasting plasma glucose, triglyceride level, HDL-cholesterol, systolic blood pressure and white blood cell count, and when compared with MH-normal weight subjects, a higher diabetes risk was observed among MH-overweight (HR, 1.89 [95% CI: 1.25-2.86]; p<0.001) MH-obese (HR, 3.88 [95% CI: 1.94-7.77]; p<0.001) There was no interaction between BMI and the number of metabolic abnormalities at enrolment in predicting diabetes risk Conclusion: Healthy metabolic profile and the absence of diabetes risk factors do not protect young adults from incident diabetes associated with overweight and obesity. Explanation: If a person is obese or is overweight but don’t have a family history of diabetes or even is metabolically fit then also he can suffer from Diabetes