Project Description

Calcium concentration (OR per 1 SD unit increase, 1.26) and calcium-phosphate product (OR 1.29) were associated with incident diabetes after adjustment for demographic variables, family history of diabetes and 2 h glucose The relationship between phosphate concentration and progression to diabetes was close to statistical significance (OR 1.21) Calcium concentration (OR 1.37) and calcium-phosphate product (OR 1.39) remained associated with incident diabetes after additional adjustment for: – Body Mass Index – Plasma glucose – Insulin sensitivity index – Acute Insulin response – C-reactive protein – Estimated Glomerular filtration rate – Diuretic drugs and total calcium intake
Elevated serum calcium and calcium-phosphate product are associated with increased risk of developing T2D independently of measured glucose, Insulin secretion and Insulin resistance.

Excess of calcium uptake generally (can be by milk and its products) causes increased risk of diabetes type 2