Project Description

Among 426,129 patients with incident cancer, 42,205 patients were with diabetes prior to cancer diagnosis. Overall, cancer patients with diabetes had higher mortality rates than non-diabetic cancer patients, highest among Oral Hypoglycemic Agent (OHA) or Insulin-treated patients. For all cancers combined and diabetes duration of 2 years at cancer diagnosis: Insulin treated patients experienced the highest mortality rate ratios starting from 3.7 for men and 4.4 for women 1 year after cancer diagnosis, increasing to 5 for men and 6.5 for women 9 years after cancer diagnosis.
Cancer patients with pre-existing diabetes experience higher mortality than cancer patients without diabetes. More intensive diabetes treatment reflects a larger degree of comorbidity at the time of cancer diagnosis and hence poorer survival.
If a diabetic patient is suffering from cancer then the mortality rate increases but if we treat diabetes and make him diabetes free then mortality rate can be controlled.