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Calcium and phosphate concentrations and future development of T2D: The Insulin resistance atherosclerosis study. Journal: Diabetologia August 2014.

Calcium concentration (OR per 1 SD unit increase, 1.26) and calcium-phosphate product (OR 1.29) were associated with incident diabetes after adjustment for demographic variables, family history of diabetes and 2 h glucose The relationship between phosphate concentration and progression to diabetes was close to statistical significance (OR 1.21) Calcium concentration (OR 1.37) and calcium-phosphate […]

Prevalence and Determinants of Anemia in Older People With Diabetes Attending an Outpatient Clinic Journal: Clinical Diabetes October 2014

A higher prevalence of anemia (59%) was observed in older people (>75 years of age) with diabetes attending an outpatient clinic Anemia prevalence increases with age, reaching up to 26% of the general older population (≥85 years of age), but is significantly higher in people with diabetes, reaching up to 78.6% of diabetic centenarians, […]

Impact of sociodemographic and diabetes-related factors on the presence and severity of depression in immigrant Chinese Australian people with diabetes Journal: Clinical Diabetes December 2014.

There were 58, 23 and 19 patients with PHQ-9 scores of 0-4, 5-9, and >10, respectively By univariate analysis, proficiency in speaking English, age at time of immigration, length of time in Australia, time spent alone each day and presence of exercise activity were significantly different between the PHQ-9 groupings The three PHQ-9 subgroups […]