Heart Problems

No need of medicines anymore after 25 years


Mr Jaspal Singh Batra, Saharanpur
Relieved Again


Mr Bishan Singh, Sikandarabad, Defence


No More Insulin after 25 years
I was suffering from diabetes since last 25 years and was taking 18 units insulin daily with blood sugar level Fasting 100 and PP 212. I was just amazed to see the results on 20th day of following the diet
according to china study ; my recent blood sugar level are ; fasting 80 and PP 140 with 0 Units

B.D. Manocha
I Got Saved
I was suffering from diabetes since 4 yrs and was taking medicine as well as insulin and was afraid by the
speed of worsening of my health so started having this customized plant based diet and now after
around 1 month of following I don’t require insulin anymore, still taking the tablets and my Blood Sugar
Fasting is 106 which initially was 175 with insulin and medicine both.
Smt Omwati
Just on time I got the key
I was Diagnosed with high blood sugar level 1 yr back, suddenly I started taking medicine and till now
the condition was, with medicine my levels were under control but the problem was that even if by
mistake I skip even 1 dose my levels used to increase . Then I took this customized diet plan few days
back and I am following it from last 8-9 days and now my blood sugar fasting is 112 without any kind of
medicine. I am very happy and want to promote this so that other people can also be benefitted.
My Life Line
Since last 30 years I was being grabbed by 1 or other disease, 28yrs ago I suffered from thyroid , then
diabetes and then high BP. After trying all kind of treatments I thought to try this non medicinal method
also , So started following this customized diet plan around 1 month back , I am very happy and thankful
to see that my Insulin intake reduced initially from 24 to 16 and now to 0 in the morning and 14 to 12
to 0 in the evening with fasting blood sugar level 113 and PP 158 and now I am looking forward to get
be free of all disease through this treatment method.
Vijay Gupta
Nice Therapy
I was suffering from diabetes since many years and seasonal allergy. After suggestion of one of my close
friend I started having this customized diet according to china study 25 days back and came to see many
changes in my health. My complain of allergy has been cured and Blood Sugar levels Fasting comes
down to 85 from 130 Initially; And PP 98 From 210 Initially, after seeing these low levels I need to stop
1 tab Ameril of 1 mg. And even with reduced medicine dose blood sugar Fasting and PP is 85 and 124,
now I am planning to visit my endocrinologist to get my medicine stopped completely.
J K Mishra
Was afraid of medicine… and got the alternative…..
Had menopause 4 years back and then health issues started with Diabetes, osteoarthritis, swelling in
knees etc. I visited many doctors and was suggested to take medicines but I didn’t wanted to be put on
medicines, but I was willing to get cured also ; that too without medicine. Then after searching on net I
got to know about this china study and its results. Just to take a chance got the customized prescription
made and started this diet. It was very difficult in the starting , I had vomiting on the first day,
constipation on the third day, blood sugar level also increased a bit but i still continued it, and got
results after 2 weeks when my blood sugar level fasting was 110 and pp was 130 and then I stopped
my morning medicines.
Priyanka Vij
Severe migraine, High BP, Diabetes and was on dialysis twice a week, Initially to prevent worsening my condition further I took this diet plan but now after following this for 1 week my weight is reduced upto 1 and a half kg, Blood Sugar Level Fasting Is 87 which used to be 180, BP came in normal limits and I had to reduce my routine medicine to half for both BP and diabetes.

Meera Singh
Wish would have got this earlier
After hearing about this non medicinal method of treatment I just wanted to try my luck; after suffering
from diabetes since last 10 years and after losing my eyes due to this and now kidney function is also
hampered as I have to undergo dialysis.

After following this diet for 21 days my insulin requirement reduced from 18 to 2 units daily and stool
formation improved drastically. Earlier 4 and a half kg water used to come out for dialysis and now
only 1 and a half kg comes out and rest is excreted in normal ways . Now I think If I would have known
this earlier may be I haven’t lost my eyes.

R C Bhutt
Finally Got The Relief
From last 14 years I suffered from thyroid and swelling in whole body, Pain in knees since 2 years, gall
bladder was operated because of stone. Earlier after medicine my thyroid levels were not coming down
and swelling was creating problem, then I came to know about this method and tried a customize diet
initially 1 week I felt very bad & till 1 week there was no improvement at all but now after around a
month, I had lost 5 kg weight & my thyroid levels became normal so I stopped the medicine and
continued the diet further.
Meena Daggar
I suffered from seasonal allergy, constipation and bloating in stomach, used to take Pentocid since 20 years. Initially after 5 days of following the diet. I took Pentocid only once and now I take it occasonaly and now after 12-15 days 50 -60% more improvement is felt in all the problems.
Beena Verma